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Context-setting survey
Wider context-setting survey
A second component of Researchers of Tomorrow is an annual wider context-setting survey.

Annual quanitative survey

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The wider context survey (WCS) complements and contextualises the qualitative research with the Generation Y cohort.  The WCS is a large scale quantitative survey is undertaken annually, examining the research and information behaviour of a representative sample of all doctoral students studying in the UK, whether UK citizens or international students.  The research team collaborate with higher education institutions to disseminate the survey to their doctoral students.

The survey aims to capture trends in research seeking and information behaviour across Generation Y students and older doctoral students, who will provide a benchmark against which to compare Gen Y.  Doctoral students of all ages, all subject disciplines and all HEIs are be encouraged to complete the survey.

The first and second iterations of the wider context survey, which were concluded in autumn 2009 and 2010, drew responses from about 5,000 doctoral students across the UK each year, making this the largest survey of its kind.

Summary reports and the questionnaire text are available below, and further analysis is available in the annual reports. For charts of survey results click on the tab on the left.

The third and final wider context survey will be launched in the summer of 2011.

Download this file (Summary Report Final.pdf)Summary Report Final.pdf 615 Kb 04/11/09 14:44
Download this file (Researchers of tomorrow 2nd wider context setting survey initial results_101209.)Wider context survey 2010 - summary report 394 Kb 11/05/11 09:48
Download this file (Questionnaire_WCS2010.pdf)Questionnaire for the Wider Context Survey 2010 132 Kb 11/05/11 14:59
Download this file (Questionnaire_WCS2009.pdf)Questionnaire for the Wider Context Survey 2009 166 Kb 11/05/11 14:59
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