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eTwinning impact study

eTwinning case study reports

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As part of the Study of the impact of eTwinning on the participating pupils, teachers and schools, the Education for Change research team conducted case study research in 24 schools across 13 countries.  


The case study schools were selected on the basis of an initial long list of eTwinning schools using criteria such as country, number of projects, pupil age category and project start date. The National Support Services (NSS) in each of 13 countries was then invited to select three potential case study schools from this long list and 32 schools were asked to participate in the study spread across the 13 countries ranked according to the number of registered eTwinners (see Table 1). Full case study reports have been researched and prepared in 24 of these schools.

The case studies were researched in two visits to the recruited schools (between May – September 2011, and between February – June 2012), where schools had begun new projects in between visits; or one visit and an extended telephone interview with key staff, where very little had changed in eTwinning since the first visit.  School visits by researchers lasted between 1 – 3 days. 


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